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The Empty Children

May 19, 2022

Series 1 Episode 2 - "The End of the World"

Welcome to The Empty Children, the podcast in which host, Maddy Searle, and this week's excellent co-hosts, David Devereux, Zachary Fortais-Gomm, James Barbarossa and Rachel Smith, explore the Russell T Davies eras of Doctor Who, both past and future.

This week, we're talking about Series 1 Episode 2, "The End of the World", including a very passionate discussion of Toxic by Britney Spears. 

Transcript available at

Content warnings: stong language, sexual references;  discussions of racism, eugenics, transphobia, homophobia, classism 

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Maddy Searle (she/her) - @maddy_abstract

David Devereux (they/them) - @devereuxbass

Zachary Fortais-Gomm (he/him) - @zackfg

James Barbarossa (he/him) - @barbarossaphone

Rachel Smith (she/her) - @Smithy_Smith

Edited and produced by Maddy Searle

Music by James Barbarossa

Art by Beth Crane - @NotCombustible